Refurbishment Project - 2016

We will be closed for 7 weeks from the evening of Sunday 28th February and plan to reopen on Friday 15th April.

The project breaks down to the following main phases:

  • Updating and remodelling the bedrooms
  • Removing some walls to open up the bar and restaurant
  • Creating a new bar counter
  • Renovating the Ladies and Gents toilets and the corridor leading to them
  • Redecorating the stairs and landing
  • Redecorating the function room to the left of reception

Over the next few weeks we will post a diary of how the works are progressing along with some pictures.

Before the refurbishment

Here are some ‘BEFORE’ pictures, so you can see the
changes as they occur.

End of Week 1

The builders have really hit it hard and there is lots to show for their efforts. All the major demolition work has now been completed. The decorators have removed most of the wallpaper upstairs and down and revealed lathe and plaster and in the older parts, cob walls. Floor boards are up everywhere as electricians identify old services and run new. All the old sanitary ware has been removed and it is now difficult to tell what was a bathroom and what was a bedroom. Quite a relief to see a few new stud walls going up in the face of all this destruction to create the new bedroom suites. Downstairs, removing the wall between reception and the bar and the wall between the bar and restaurant has really opened the space up and this large L shaped room is going to be an exciting space.

End of Week 2

The decorating team are stripping the last room now and already have started painting some areas. The opening between bar and restaurant has been enlarged and tidied up. New foundations for brick piers and the first few courses of brick have appeared. Eventually they will support a large steel to hold up the rooms above. Next to this, the bar has been moved forward a little to make it better for staff to work. The major change this week though, is the impact the plasterers have made; doors have moved and old doorways filled in. It is difficult to remember how it all used to look. The skimming patches in the old lathe and plaster is seamless and the walls look so much better now. The electricians have just about finished 1st fix and cables are sprouting from walls all over the place. With many floorboards still up, it is difficult to see how some of the bedrooms are going to be deluxe suites! In the midst of all this, the curtain contractors turned up to measure all the windows.

End of Week 3

Nearly all the first fix is completed now. Site starting to look a little tidier as in most areas the floor boards have been closed up, but wires still sprout from walls all over the place. In a couple of bathrooms old sloping floors have also been made up level. Some bathrooms are taking shape with shower trays installed ready for the tilers to start. Downstairs the new structural steel is proped in place above the new opening between the bar and restaurant. Each side of this the brick piers are now nearly up high enough to take the weight. The decorators have finished preparing and we have first coats of paint on some of the newly plastered walls and all ceilings, which looks so much better. The open fire in the bar is being put to good use whilst the central heating is in pieces. Despite the amount of detailed work that is still required the builders seem confident that we will be able open on Friday 15th April. Fingers crossed!

End of Week 4

You need to inspect closely to see that a lot of detailed work has gone on behind the scenes. Frankly, photos look much the same as week 3, so have not been posted. There is less evidence of wiring and more of electrical fittings, even if they are not screwed into place yet. The new steel beam between the old bar and restaurant areas is now virtually clad with plasterboard. Even in the dark (power was off) the new room looks like it will be great. Expecting the tilers to arrive any day now, to hit the bathrooms after which the sanitary ware can be fitted. Upstairs should really take shape then. The decorators are now starting to finish with rooms and gradually move along the building.

End of Week 5

Work has moved on a lot in the last week. Upstairs the decorators are virtually finished, apart for a couple of bedrooms which had major surgery. The tilers have almost finished all the shower cubicle walls and splash-backs and will be on to the bathroom floors next. The new plant room to supply all the hot water is well advanced and the size and massive weight of the kit has vindicated our decision to move it to the ground floor. Following the structural works, the new bar area is now clear for the decorators and carpenters and you can appreciate the space better - it is going to be a lovely room. There is still a lot to do but the builders tell us we can open on schedule at 5pm on Friday 15th April. We can’t wait to welcome customers back in.

End of Week 6

To look at the site it is difficult to see what has changed since week 5, so no pictures are attached. Bad news at the site meeting! At this late stage the builders have run into problems which could delay opening by two weeks. Clearly this is very late in the day to postpone the opening for our locals and we also have two longstanding room bookings. The builders agree to a phased opening; bar and restaurant on Friday 15th April (as publicised) and a couple of bedrooms for early the following week. Rest to follow by the next weekend.

End of Week 7

These pictures were taken two days before the bar opened and show that work was going on right to the wire. With a lot of good will and tolerance from all the tradesman we hit our open night of Friday 15th April and the bedrooms came on stream to meet our bookings. Nobody was disappointed. We are open and very good it all looks too!

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